Follow the links below to find out more about the projects happening at the Eastern Moors:


Over the last few years we have been working to improve the access for walkers, horses, mountainbikes and others.

Click on the downloads below. 

Curbar/ Froggatt edge concessionary bridleway

Totley Bridleway repair

Wimble Holme Hill bridleway improvements

Moss Road bridleway improvements

Moss Rd Wimble Holme Hill users site meeting

Barbrook Valley, Curbar, Froggatt Edge site meeting

Barbrook Valley concessionary bridleway plan

Ramsley Moor concessionary bridleway plan


We are working to create new woodlands on bracken sites to provide a richer, healthier place for wildlife. There are two projects, one on Ramsley and one on Totley. Downloads available soon.


We are improving the moorland habitat for wildlife, this involve putting the heather, bilberry, cotton grass and sphagnum moss back where it used to be. Further details available soon.


Having the best grazing we can is part of how we look after the health of our moors.Wild deer are a very welcome and valuable part of our wildlife and contribute to this grazing. To find out more about how we manage deer on the moors download the statement below.


For details of any of the other projects on the moors mentioned in the management plan please contact us.