Before the signing of the lease in January 2011, the Eastern Moors Partnership were keen to capture the ideas and views of the wide range of people who use the Eastern Moors or live in the surrounding communities.  

A series of initial public workshops around four themes and at three locations in the area were held in July and August 2010. The purpose of these was to capture peoples thoughts and aspirations for the Eastern Moors to inform the future management of the site.

A follow up workshop to feedback the findings and form the Guiding management principles was held at Loosehill hall in September 2010.

In April 2011 representatives of user groups who expressed an interest at the September event attended the first Stakeholder Forum.  The initial meeting was held in April 2011 and was used to update the newly formed group on work to date on the Eastern Moors; agreeing the role and the terms of reference for the group; introducing the initial thoughts for the draft management plan; and hearing suggestions on how the consultation process should be run. 

It was apparent  that there were some topics that needed more in depth discussion.  To ensure that these topics were given full attention, three focus groups were created.  These met during July 2011.  Across three topics each group looked at the current situation on site, the needs of the users of the site and explored options for improvements to meet the identified needs.  The groups then prioritised the work needed to be undertaken to make the suggested improvements. 

The following Stakeholder Forum met on 16thJuly 2011 to agree the terms of reference for the group, and to review the membership of the group, and to discuss the focus group recommendations.

By the end of this second Stakeholder Forum, the partnership had the information necessary to draw up the draft management plan, and to plan the next consultation steps. 


The documents below record the detail of these meetings. 


Public Workshops August 2010

Draft Guiding Management Principles

Public Workshop 11th September 2011

Guiding Management Principles

Stakeholder Forum 16th July 2011

Wildlife and Access Focus Group 6th July 2011

Access Focus Group 7th July 2011

Interpretation and Signage Focus Group 8th July 2011


The consultation document and report is below

Consultation draft management plan 2011-2016

Consultation of draft management plan 2011-2016 write up.